Anti Cellulite Vacuum Massage Device | Electric Breast Massager Weight Loss Tool

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The two wheeled cup has two movable rollers on the cup, and the single cup is provided with a spiral movable roller.
The roller contains far infrared rays, and the far infrared rays produced directly act on the body parts to accelerate the blood circulation and stimulate the tissue cells and so on.
Roller rolling freely, faster and better pumping and retraction of fat, to better eliminate the body's excess fat.
You can have the self massage of health care, beauty and weight loss.
The electric suction body connected with the cup body is used to massage the body position, massage with the change of the air pressure, exerting no force on the skin directly, and the massage effect is unique.

It can also be used for massage.
Build your body and skin, return to the nature of it.
Just a few minutes a day, you can reduce fat, eliminate traces of years.
Postpone or reduce the upper and lower arm skin sagging, improve abdominal fat accumulation phenomenon.

Material: plastic
Size: 29cm x 8cm x 23cm
Color: white

Package Include:
1 x Beauty Body Massager
2 x Different Massaging Rollers
1 x AC Adapter

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