Led lights glowing Hula Hoop| Exercise Hula Hoop

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A light-emitting hula hoop includes a ring body, a connector, a power source and an LED light-emitting tube. The ring body is curled into a ring shape from a long tube. Inside the ring body and the switch is exposed through the opening, there are several LED light-emitting tubes, which are distributed in the ring body and connected to the power source through a wire.
When assembling: Please insert the sliding mouth directly through the groove, and wait for the snap button to pop up; assembly can be completed in one step.

Material: PE+LED
Color: Colorful
Material: PE
Power Supply: 2 x AA batteries(Not included)
Size: About diameter 60cm,70cm,80cm,90cm?

Package Content:
1 x Hula hop?

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