Portable Car AC System | Portable Mini Air Conditioner

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Portable Car AC System ¨C Portable Mini Air Conditioner

A portable car air conditioner?fills the air around you with a pleasant cool in only several minutes. Not simply cools the air, in addition, it humidifies it, creating a pleasant feeling of a light breeze.

This unique portable air cooler is equipped with an absolutely silent fan that allows to use comfortably it even in the bedroom. The conditioner will not distract or interrupt sleep with noise.

The device won¡¯t also disturb you while you¡¯re working, you won¡¯t suffer from the heat because you don¡¯t want to be distracted by the irritating noise. The noise level is very low.

Product Specifications:

Material: ABS
Water Tank Capacity:150ml (fill up, can be used for 4-6 hours)
Size: Approx.15*14.5*17cm / 5.91*5.71*6.69 inch
USB Cable Length: Approx.135cm / 53.15 inch
Working Voltage: 5V


  • Stable and quiet 4 blade design, high speed and low noise, will not affect sleep.
  • Can be used as mini humidifier or air-conditioned refreshing fan
  • Great for home and office use

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